Pecuaria MozCow

PMC Pecuaria MozCow Limitada is an ambitious and reliable producer of high quality beef for the local market in Beira, Mocambique. 

Mozcow is an independent, locally managed company who introduced feedlot  (also know as fattening or finishing) activities in the region of Beira. This makes local bred cattle more attractive for the Mozambican Beef Market. Consequently, MozCow's beef production facilitates rural small farm holders to enter the commercial beef market. In order to become a significant player in the beef supply market MozCow has established three main activities: breeding, feedlot operations and trade.

To date MozCow has been able to deliver local impact via its local business through:

  • Direct employment of 32 educated and non-educated residents;
  • Indirect employment of a multitude during its construction period;
  • Facilitating the bridge between rural small farm holders and the commercial beef market;
  • The take-off of access raw materials (f.e. sunflower cake) to complete fattening mixes, which are produced by rural small farmholders;
  • Enhancing food security;
  • Enhancing the quality of locally produced beef;
  • Making local meat competitive to imported beef.


Goswin Arendsen de Wolff

+258 842530 153


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